Monday, October 24, 2011

Google TV and the Logitech Revue

I love technology, but I'm nowhere near the status of a super-geek or uber fanboy.  I have never waited in line for several hours (or overnight) to pick up the latest technical gadget.  I do not subscribe to any tech magazines, and it isn't often that I drop any serious sort of money on the latest and greatest gizmo.

That said, I was recently introduced to the notion of Google TV and the Logitech Revue (one of the ways to get Google TV) and I knew I had to have it/them.  My parents and significant other both feel that I use the word "need" far too freely when it comes to my wishes, however I really have so few frivolous wishes these days that I feel the need was quite justified.

What is it in a nutshell?  Read a review for the Logitech Revue here.  Google TV you can learn all about here.  If, however, you are not the sort of person to click on links in blogs, let me give it to you in a nutshell.

The Revue is a box you attach to your TV and cable box and it comes with a wireless keyboard.  Once configured, it allows you to control your TV and cable with the keyboard and gives you full access to the glory that is Google TV.  The box itself costs a one time fee of $100.

Google TV, which is a free service, essentially turns your TV into a giant chromebook...but it's so much more.  A search feature allows you to search for anything and everything.  Search the web.  Search youtube. Search Amazon movies.  Search for shows within your own cable programming.  Everything.  A customizable home screen allows you to have quick access to your favorite channels, sites, etc.  A "What's On" feature allows you to browse by Channel or Genre to see what is currently playing on your Cable (like a Guide channel, only I find it much easier to navigate.)

I find the experience so far to be quite pleasurable and rather intuitive.  The keyboard though smaller than a typical keyboard is the perfect size for typing--at least for me.  The web seems as fast as my connection would typically allow and the content on the webpages I've visited thus far has seemed easy to interact with.  As I type, I'm typing this on my TV.

The best part, in my opinion, is that with Google you have the whole range of Google Apps.  Indeed, I can take care of my e-mail, create handouts for work, and much more.  As my students use a web-based portal for most of their work, I could even do all my grading from the comfort of my couch.  Amazeballs.

No, I'm not being paid by Google.  I just love this new product that much that I could not help but blog about it.  If you should have the chance to pick one up, I highly recommend it.  It is so choice.